04 Oct / A Sitewarming Post

Hello everybody! I’ve got a fresh new site!

So this has been a long time coming. I say farewell to my old blog, at last. For a time, it will sit pretty in some unknown subdirectory on cyberspace, but once the beta-testing for this new site is done, I will archive it forever.

I loved my old site. I think I was experiencing some sort of separation anxiety from it, which is why I took so long to change the theme. It was simple, functional, clean – but I knew it lacked the potential to take me into the future. While I loved its simplicity, it wasn’t mobile-friendly at all – as some of you pointed out to me – it could only display 12 portfolio items, and the blog pages remained much to be desired. So, against my will, I took this summer to develop a new site based off a new theme, so that I could futureproof my website and my brand.

So ignore my nostalgia, friends! Do let me know what you think of this new site below. It is fully responsive, has cool animations, and has a ton of random functions such as the ability to make


Cool Pie Charts

Current Exhaustion Level (%)



Progress Bars


So, you know. Pros and cons.

In truth, though, redeveloping your website is hard work. I’ve done this before for clients and student groups I’ve been in, and each time you fear to death the unwelcome encounter with “Error establishing database connection” or worse, a completely blank screen. And every time you think you’ve got yourself completely covered, a new error pops up to stall you. I don’t think I could have done it without the help of my good friend, Chin Yang, a veritable prodigy, who also happens to be a very nice guy all around. So here’s a public shout out to him!

So enjoy my new site, everybody! There’s going to be a bunch of new content up very soon, where I outline my work with Harvard College Faith & Action and talk about Second City (again). (I promise it’s still awesome.)


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