24 Apr / Branding Yourself… (Part 2)

…can also be kind of fun!

Last time, I talked about how my personal brand identity made its way from a mess of uncollected thoughts to becoming an actual logo. Although that was a fairly long process, expanding on that basic brand image took even longer. I wanted to build elements around the basic rocket pencil that would move soundly with its look and feel. Anything I did from this point on needed to be harmonious with what I’d already created. Already in my mind I had played with the possibility of creating a pattern – not least because I’d stumbled across this helpful tutorial some weeks before. And so with the heavy tutoring (heh) of, I set about creating my signature pattern.

Now, I’ve always been fond of patterns – I love the way they dress up any surface, rather like a good wrapping paper. They’re repeatable, thanks to the powers of Illustrator and Photoshop, and is an easy way to replicate a look. It’s almost cheating – but not quite. Patterns are also great for “futureproofing” any brand. However I choose to expand my collection for the future, I can always slap on this pattern to make sure everything is in line with the established look. Here’s the final look:

fromthisdesk_Website Pattern Showcase

Love that I can do whatever I want with it. I guess I always come back to that unthreatening, kid-like feel.

Also, I wanted to be explicit about what exactly is without being too in-your-face or formal. I’d seen a bunch of business cards for a photography studio somewhere that used precisely a pattern like this to broadcast their range of services. I decided I wanted to do the same – thus the little word banners.

With a pattern in tow, it was now so much easier to expand outwards. I kind of went crazy on these business cards, which are printed with – I cannot recommend them more – and kept things interesting by changing things up with the colors and orientation. So happy with them. Here are some pics:




(Edit: I am reviewing this post from my iPad and I just hate how the screen dulls the pinks! Trust me, in real life, each card is a vibrant, healthy, pink!) I particularly love how the rounded edges turned out. I think just that detail adds a lot of character, and contributes to that whole kid-like look.

I also went a little crazy and bought stickers. They’re multi-purpose, help to brand anything you own, and are great for sealing letters, too.


The last element in my initial stationery set is a Thank You card, which I use to add a personalized touch to my notes of gratitude! If anything, it helps to make you a little more memorable (read: interviews). Here, I could’ve taken a shortcut and used that same pattern (it would have worked aesthetically), but realized that I didn’t always want to send a card that broadcasted my design services. I’d like to use these for personal events, as well. And so, staying in line with the pink, pencil motif, I came up with this. I tried to make it look like the rocket was somehow catapulting into the sky from a cityscape. Smiley face can’t hurt, as well. (There’s one on the inside of the card too.)


Now that all is just about done, I’m looking to expanding this set. Designing a letterhead is something I’ve got on the back burner for now. I’m excited. Welcome to!


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