04 Feb / Paper for iPad: A Short Review

Over Christmas, by divine providence in the form of my aunt, I was given an iPad mini. Aside from mucking about with Temple Run 2, I have been taking the time to explore the wealth of art and drawing apps available in the iTunes store. So far, my favorite is  Paper by Fifty Three, a nifty app that recreates the experience on drawing on – you guessed it – paper. What I love about it is that it doesn’t only visualize your drawings well, but also smoothens out your brushstrokes like a real piece of paper will never be able to. Indiscriminate squiggles become Zen pieces. Bad art becomes good.

That said, out of the 5 drawing tools available, I find the fountain pen and watercolor brush most useful. Somehow, not only do these two tools complement each other well, but their translation of pressure sensitivity and speed seem the most accurate. Or maybe it’s just because I haven’t spent enough time mastering the app yet.

I used Paper to my advantage for a recent cartoon drawn for North by Northwestern.

Office Hours 101_2

I love how I used a $1 stylus to create this in 20 minutes on a screen with no mess, instead of with a $5 watercolor brush in an hour with paint splotches left everywhere. That’s a win.

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